What our customers are saying:

"Love your granola! Have been enjoying it on my own with my husband for the last few months but now am with extended family & they all want their share - great stuff! " - Amy, NY

"I LOVE your cookies! My 4 o'clock tea breaks at the hospital where I work are made that much more enjoyable by them. " - Ila, VA

"[Pollystyle's graham crackers]: crisp cookies with a rich, caramelized flavor and a substantial crunch, [...] a slightly voluptuous, wholly satisfying biscuit." - Jane Black, Saveur Magazine

"The best birthday present ever? Your graham crackers! I love graham crackers, but I didn't know what I'd been missing until I tried yours. The taste is a beautiful blend of sweet and spicy. And the texture! So crisp they snap, and so tender that they just melt in your mouth. " - Karen, ME

"holy moly! those are the best graham crackers i've ever tasted" - Theresia, NY

"Thank you so much for showing us what graham crackers are supposed to taste like. The crunch, the honey, the freshness, and the love that comes through each bite is worth every penny." - Tracy, CA

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